A Video Documentary – “Third Sikh Genocide”

– A video documentary project initiated by World Sikh Council – America Region.

Ever since  the Sikhs sided with the Hindu Majority part of India during the 1947 partition, the Sikhs have been treated as second class citizens. Starting with the ignoring of the demands from both of the Sikh representatives of the committee to develop India’s constitution, not recognizing Sikhism as a religion in itself, chipping away at the territory of Punjab – the homeland of Sikhs, systematic efforts to abolish Punjabi – the language of the Sikhs, distortion of Sikh history and culture, subtle encroachment on the Sikh faith and its followers, and then the major push to annihilate Sikhism by perpetration of Sikh Genocide starting 1984.

The third Sikh Genocide started on June 3rd 1984, the day of maximum attendance at the Gurdwaras, the Sikh religious centers, with an Indian Army attack on 36 Gurdwaras simultaneously. The main target being the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) complex Amritsar, considered equivalent to the Vatican.

Dr. Sangat Singh, director of India’s strategic studies at ministry of defense, in his book title “Sikhs in history” estimates total number of Sikhs killed from 1984 to 1998 between 1 and 1.2 million. The exact number may never be known as Indian government denies inquiry by any independent body. It is not difficult to understand the reason why Indian government has banned Amnesty International from Punjab since 1984. While the Nuremberg trials brought those guilty of the Jewish holocaust to justice, Sikhs worldwide are still waiting for a closure to the worst of crimes perpetrated on them in an oxymoron called “free” and “democratic” India. This presentation is dedicated to all those Sikh victims and their families and loved ones who faced the atrocities perpetrated by the Government of India since 1947 and are still waiting for Justice.

2 thoughts on “A Video Documentary – “Third Sikh Genocide”

  1. Great effort!! Hope this will wake the world realise the genocide suffered by the Sikhs in their homeland. This must lead to an independent UN enquiry, so that the truth can be revealed.

    Hope all Gurdwaras and Sikh Sangat display this.

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