The ThirdSikhGenocide.org is an initiative taken by American Sikh Council to remember, reflect and respond to the “Third Sikh genocide” which started on June 3, 1984. With more than one million Sikhs killed and unaccounted for, not one person has been found guilty or punished by the Indian courts !!

The main aims of this project is to:

  • Provide educational and outreach resources, such as presentations, posters, pictures, etc. as needed to make local Gurdwara events for remembering third Sikh Genocide more effective and informative.
  • What can the Sikh community learn from past and how can it be better prepared in the future?
  • What can the Sikh community do now to heal?
  • Release of innocent Sikhs held illegally in Indian prisons for years without any trials.
  • How can there be peace without justice?
  • Explore independent UN inquiry into the 84 Sikh Genocide
  • Candle light vigils in various cities, delivering the message to various government officials, media agencies, and public demonstration at the UN.
  • Explore other worthy suggestions from community

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